innovations in bioactive small molecule synthesis


C-H functionalization

We are currently investigating new catalytic strategies
for the selective modification of C–H bonds in complex molecules, to enable  precision molecular editing  
as a drug discovery strategy.

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heterocycles: methods and targets

Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic are common in pharmaceuticals and are a defining feature of alkaloid natural products. We seek to develop fundamentally new synthetic approaches with broad applicability.

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recent News

new NIH Funding

We have received a new R35 (MIRA) award from the NIH! It will support projects on new C–H functionalization and Diels-Alder reactions.

Anna at the GRC

PhD student Anna Davis was selected from among all poster presenters to give a short talk at the Organic Reactions & Processes GRC. Congrats!

Ian's fellowship

PhD student Ian Winchester has been awarded a training grant fellowship from the UVA Comprehensive Cancer Center. Congrats!